How To Make Naturally Flavored Water – Great for Summertime!

I know we should all be drinking our gallon of water a day, but I have to admit not a huge fan of the plain stuff. I need a little flavor in my drinks. I know I shouldn’ soda, diet soda, juice, so what’s left well flavored water. You can by the stuff in a water bottle for around $2.50 a bottle but that seems silly. There is really nothing to the stuff. It’s fun to make, tastes great and {Read More}

#ClevelandMetroparkZoo Dinosaurs Exhibit

We took the boys to the Cleveland Metropark Zoo this weekend, it was awesome! I love the movie Jurassic Park and it very much reminds me of that. The Dinosaurs are huge and so realistic looking! Sean thought they were real so that made him a little uneasy about getting his picture with them. The Dinosaurs growl and some even spit water on you, which can be refreshing if it’s hot outside. Throughout the exhibit they have little sand tables {Read More}

Summer Brunch Look!

Summer Brunch Look! by courtneydolinar featuring sweetheart neckline dresses Jessica Simpson sweetheart neckline Madewell denim Tory Burch cork Marc Jacobs leather

Tory Burch is Suing Counterfeiters

Tory Burch a successful brand with an easily identifiable and desirable logo is always going to have a hard time defending itself from knock-offs, and Tory Burch’s logo is very attractive to counterfeiters. This weekend billionaire designer Tory Burch filed four separate lawsuits against four wholesale companies that have been selling fake versions of her jewelry designs. “The company has long been vigilant in defending our intellectual property, and will continue to take counterfeiting and copyright infringement seriously,” Tory Burch’s {Read More}