I was researching some team building activities for work and came across an activity called Zoom. It actually involves a famous book with the pages arranged in a certain sequence so as you flip through the pages, the entire story line zooms out. I was really astonished by it the first time I flipped through it.

The point of it all is that things are not always what they seem when you look at it from a broader lens. It’s definitely worth checking out and you can purchase it on Amazon for $7.99. It is a really cool educational book to flip through with kids ages 5 and up. Or you can try the activity below in an organized adult setting with the following instructions for team building:

– Distribute one picture to each participant with the following rules:
– You can only look at your own picture.
– You must keep your picture hidden from other participants.
– Give everyone 1 minute to study your picture.
– Each picture will contain important information that will help you solve the problem of putting them into order.
– Ultimate goal is for the group to get the pictures in sequential order without looking at one another’s pictures. – Can talk to each other and discuss what is featured in your picture.
– You have 5 minutes to form a line in order based on where your picture fits in the sequence.

You can purchase a copy on Amazon. Let me know what you think!