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CelsiusMy son is a little explorer. The first word I use to describe him when asked is “curious.” So it’s no wonder that he’s a big fan of The Young Scientists Club science kit subscriptions and products! Recently we had the opportunity to try two of these award-winning kits: magnets and volcanoes.

Guided by “Celsius the Science Bug” throughout the experiments, kids who join the Young Scientists Club enjoy 36 different kits that are shipped monthly or bi-monthly (your choice). The order of the kits can be customized and families can keep track of their progress through all the kits via a handy “thermometer” diagram, which subscribers receive when they sign up for the club. Kits include just about everything you need to perform the enclosed experiments, and most additional materials needed can be found around the house.

We opened the magnets experiment kit and found three bar magnets, a horseshoe magnet, a piece of cardboard, a plastic dish and a toy car. We initially explored the magnets by seeing what happened when we pointed opposite poles at each other vs. identical poles. The kit instructions walked us through this exploration by describing the methods, results and conclusion of each experiment. Next, we used the magnets to demonstrate how they could make items move based on the fact that opposite forces attract and like forces repel. We also created a homemade compass by floating a magnet taped to a small dish within a bowl of water.

I think it’s great that these kits offer a parental/instructional guide as well as the kid-focused guide with Celsius. It gives parents clear instructions on how to perform the experiments safely and successfully while also reaching the kids at their level and encouraging their imaginations. We also had fun with the volcanoes kit, which provided us with instructions for creating our own volcano out of common, household ingredients such as food coloring and baking soda. These kits are fantastic for having on hand during the long summer months when you have a break in the action and are hearing the choruses of “I’m bored!”

Visit the Young Scientists Club web site to learn more about the kits available, to sign up for the subscription service and to view their other products!


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