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It’s safe to say my kids are obsessed with The Magic School Bus TV show. Although the original show is more than 20 years old, the magic of Netflix makes it “new” for them. Before I knew it, they had seen all of the episodes – most of them three times each. Then they discovered The Magic School Bus Rides Again, the reboot of the classic series with a modern twist (and a Netflix original series). Again, they quickly go through all of the available episodes. relishing in the scientific focus of each episode. As a parent, how could I argue with that?

We’ve also¬†enjoyed several of the award-winning Young Scientists Club science kits over the past year or so, including the Magnets kit and the Exploring the Wonders of Nature kit, which is Magic School Bus themed. These kits have proved so popular that the Young Scientists Club recently released several new kits, including the Microscope Lab, which we recently ordered. We were off to a great start when I saw that it showed up in a fantastic bus-shaped box!


I was particularly interested in the Microscope Lab kit because I had a microscope as a child and loved exploring with it. This kit comes with everything you need to set up your own magnifying laboratory in your house! Not only does it come with a fully-functional microscope, but it comes with two pre-made slides, three blank slides for make-your-own study subjects, a set of cards with helpful tips and suggestions (featuring the loved characters from The Magic School Bus: Rides Again), tweezers and a few other odds and ends.

The microscope is incredibly easy-to-use… even my four-year-old quickly grasped the basic functions. I loved seeing my kids’ faces light up with wonder and surprise when they looked at the pre-made slides (one of “fungi” and one of “algae”). But even more exciting was looking at common items, like a piece of dog hair, a drop of water or a sliver of a plant. The overall reaction was, “Wow!”

The tie-in with The Magic School Bus: Rides Again makes a lot of sense, since the show is pretty prominent on Netflix right now. As I¬†mentioned, my kids love the show and even pretend to be the characters while playing. It’s a great way of making science and basic scientific concepts easy to understand and relatable.

This kit also comes with a data notebook so kids and parents can record their observations when examining different specimens. We enjoyed looking at different types of plants and how they appeared under the microscope. Another feature to record is how items look at different levels of magnification. The microscope in this kit measures at 100x, 300x and 600x.

If you’re looking for a great keepsake gift for a child who loves science and exploration, this is a fantastic choice. I had my microscope for many years and continued to collect new slides and items to study. I’m hoping for the same outcome for my children! The Magic School Bus: Rides Again kits also come in other subjects, such as Jumping into Electricity, A Journey into the Human Body and Going Green, to name a few. All are available on the Young Scientists Club web site or on


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