Who is the Fairest of Them All? Sofia the First.

WHATNAUGHT, MIA, PRINCESS SOFIA, CLOVER, ROBINSofia the First is my favorite Disney princess. So, who is she? Sofia is a little girl, a commoner, until her mom marries the king and she’s suddenly royalty. She’s sweet, polite and has such a big heart. She maintains her positive outlook even when her step sister, Amber, is rude to her or acts like she’s better than Sofia. Amber always learns her lesson in the end.

I actually enjoy watching this show with my daughter, which I really can’t say about too many other cartoons. Other than Cedric, the royal sorcerer, this cartoon is actually not overly scary or inappropriate for my two-year-old to watch. Every episode has a good lesson and teaches children to make good decisions and treat others nicely. I know it’s my job as a mom to teach these moral values, but it’s nice that there is a cartoon that consistently reinforces respective behavior. Not to mention that my daughter loves watching it. I can actually take a shower or get some work done without her becoming unglued to the TV for 20 minutes.

My daughter is going to be Sofia the First for Halloween. I bought her the purple dress and of course, Sofia’s amulet of Avalor. When I gave her the amulet to wear for fun, the first thing out of her mouth was “I can talk to animals!” She was so excited! Luckily I haven’t noticed her being disappointed when animals don’t talk back to her. Sofia wins my vote as the best Disney princess.

Who is your favorite Disney princess?

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