What Are You REALLY Thankful For?


HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE! I just sent mass texts with of a pic of my daughter that says “Happy Thanksgiving” to everyone I know and my iPhone kept spelling Thanksgiving wrong and I had to retype it a thousand times! Ok, I’m over it.

Anyhow, what are you REALLY thankful for this year? Of course we are all thankful for our husbands, kids (most days – hehe), family and friends. I am definitely thankful for those things every day! I do tend to tell everyone more on Thanksgiving that I am thankful for them, and that is so important to do each year. I also think it’s important to have a few minutes of self-reflection today and really think about what you are thankful for outside of the normal things we think of every year.

So, I challenge you today to search within yourself and determine what you are REALLY thankful for. HAPPY TURKEY DAY!

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