VertiPlayTM Door Knockers encourage privacy and fun!

Knock, knock, NOW we know who’s there! Thanks to the people at VertiPlay who have developed these adorable door knockers, we are finally able to teach manors in a fun, playful way.

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Once you have selected your favorite (It might be a green CrroakyTM, an orange RoarryTM or a brown Spikeyy.), simply attach to the outside of the door and let the learning begin. If there is a smooth, non-textured surface — like a door or wall — then there’s a ready-made spot for VertiPlay. The toys adhere firmly to vertical surfaces through a strong, specially made adhesive film. Grownups can remove the toys and affix them back elsewhere without damaging the paint or the wall.

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I found this especially helpful since I am the only girl in our house! Because the knockers are so colorful, my sons were immediately able to see them and remember to knock before busting through the door of my bedroom or bathroom…..since sometimes those doors do not stay locked as planned!

Ready to shop? Ready to shop? VertiPlay™ Wall toys are available on,,, and soon Follow Oribel on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram for news, pictures and what’s coming next. These door knockers are perfect gifts for any little one who needs help remembering their manors in a cute, fun, colorful way. At such an affordable price, they make a great gift for birthday parties!

VertiPlayTM Door Knockers • Ages 9 Months+ • $9.90
Knock, knock, who’s there? It might be a green CrroakyTM, an
orange RoarryTM or a brown Spikeyy. These adorable door
knockers dress up and personalize doors while encouraging
children to knock before entering. It also makes a great percussion
instrument or a calling bell.



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