Valentines Keepsake Craft for Kids

I love to decorate my home for every possible holiday!  I have the accent pillows, wooden signs, and wreaths to hang. They are all categorized in boxes in my basement. As soon as one holiday passes I am on my way to change out the theme of our house!  Nothing too crazy or over the top, but just a few accents to make it fun!

I was putting out Valentine’s decor when I realized I wanted some sort of framed Valentine art to go in place of a wreath in my back hall, but wanted it to be meaningful because that is the “family picture wall” and everything in that part of our home holds some special meaning.  And where do you find yourself when you need to update something and make it crafty? Why Pinterest….of coarse!!  So I came across the cutest hand print art work for Valentine’s Day!

My daughter really enjoys doing crafts, but sometimes pulling out all of the paint, glue, glitter is overwhelming.  I used to enjoy doing those so much with my boys when they were her age, and for some reason it has gotten harder for me to commit to taking the time to do them with her. But this cute Pintrest craft seemed to be simple, not to time consuming and sentimental.  So, I invited her little girlfriend over and we got down to business making some amazing art!  They are 3 and they loved it! It was the perfect amount of “work” for their age, older kids would love this too!


Above are the items you will need for you craft: Crayola washable paints, canvas and brushes, and painting tape

Here are the directions:

  • Divide the canvas into four squares.  Then tape off the letters L V E, leaving a space where the letter O would go.
  • Next tape off the square where the O would go (that is where the handprint will be).
  • Put the paint colors on a paper plate and give the children their brushes.
  • Have them paint all of the white using whatever colors or patterns they like.
  • Peel off ONLY the square where the handprint will go and dip the childs hand into the mix of colors on the plate, then place their hand into that square.
  • Allow all of the paint to dry before removing the remaining tape.
  • Don’t forget to date the back of the canvas and FRAME for a gift or for yourself


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