Urban Farmer, Cleveland Steakhouse – Butcher Class on Saturday, November 5th from 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.


With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, it’s the perfect time to brush up on your culinary skills and why not do it with the pro’s at Urban Farmer?

The Butcher Class on Saturday, November 5th from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. will teach you all of the skills you need to know to impress your friends and family this holiday season with the best meal you’ve ever prepared.

Be prepared to join the head butcher, Vincent Delagrange to experience the following:
•Introduction- Welcome the guests and provide his background and how he prepares the best meats at Urban Farmer.
•Poultry – Show guests a basic 8 cut chicken breakdown and demonstrate how to truss a chicken for roasting. (Guest participation at this point)
•Beef – Provide several examples of the beef used in house (prime, dry aged, wagyu), several cuts will be shown to guests and the differences will be explained. Proper cooking procedure for each cut is explained.
•Pork – Half hog break down. Guests will be shown where different cuts come from (loin, belly, ham, shoulder) and how the unique make up of each cut lends itself to a specific cooking style. Guests will also be shown proper grinding procedure and will produce their own sausage at this point.
•Charcuterie – Basic overview of the in-house charcuterie program and touching on some of the history behind dry cured meats.

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About Urban Farmer Steakhouse

With pride in craftsmanship, respect for Midwest food traditions and local, organic sourcing, Urban Farmer redefines the modern Cleveland steakhouse.

Designer David Ashen juxtaposes organic, reclaimed and new materials to create a comfortable, stylish ambiance that is at once a tribute to the quaintness of a restored farmhouse and the urbane boldness of mid-20th century modernism—all with an eye to the proud industrial history of the Cleveland cityscape.

Urban Farmer’s menu emphasizes sustainable Midwest ingredients and authentic, straightforward preparations that showcase a range of locally sourced beef. Our rustic pantry is stocked with the season’s abundance. Fresh local produce is carefully preserved and pickled, offering a homespun counterpoint to the refined ambiance.

Our chefs build personal relationships with local farms, ranches and fisheries, bringing a taste of their dedication to the table and reaffirming the direct connection between land and plate. Butcher’s cuts of heritage-breed beef takes the spotlight, with grass-fed, grain-finished and corn-fed varieties available. Sustainably sourced chicken, pork, game and seafood presentations showcase our chefs’ creativity, while simple, comforting sides, soups and salads burst with familiar flavors.

Beverage offerings reflect the Midwest’s community of local artisans, with beer selections from within Cleveland city limits, cocktails made with local craft spirits and an extensive wine program highlighting regional vineyards.

Urban Farmer is committed to sustaining the region in which we live and eat. Come taste Cleveland’s Modern Steakhouse.

Vishwatej “Vishu” Nath
Photo compliments of Urban Farmer http://urbanfarmercleveland.com

Executive Chef Vishu Nath leads culinary operations at Urban Farmer at the Westin Downtown Cleveland with a repertoire of cuisine and hospitality expertise from around the world. Upon assuming his role in October 2015, Nath continues to man the farm-to-table steakhouse menu with a sensible philosophy, assuring that preservation of ingredient origin and top quality remain in the spotlight. “We must give respect to the components that our farmers have taken the utmost care to grow and allow us to showcase,” he says. “It’s those great, deep-rooted friendships with our farmers that inspires me to let ingredients speak for themselves.”

Nath always aspired to be a chef and first took an interest in pastries. He invested time in learning how to craft sweets and won a local pastry competition at the state level in his hometown Hyderabad, India, which Nath says confirmed his decision to pursue culinary arts. He went on to earn a hotel management degree in 2003 from the Institut Hotelier Cesar Ritz in Le Bouveret Switzerland and completed culinary training in Geneva, where he launched his kitchen career working on the hot line. The transition from sweet to savory budded naturally for Nath, comes from a very culinary-minded family. “I come from a lot of diversity in my family—my father was an industrial caterer and my older brother an accomplished executive chef himself,” Nath explains. “I have always had the pleasure of enjoying great meals cooked in many different ways at our dinner table, almost like a buffet from around India. The people in my life and food they made has always been a great source of inspiration.”

Aligning his capabilities with a craving to succeed, Nath quickly climbed the restaurant ranks and progressed from a mid-level manager to executive chef with Vail Resorts Management Company. At the height of his leadership, Nath was responsible for four resorts in a national park setting, producing upwards of 12,000 meals a day while managing a brigade of 250 team members. “The experience was beyond humbling,” says Nath, who held executive chef positions with the company in cities across the United States for more than a decade. In October 2015, Nath moved across the country in a U-Haul—and naturally turned it into a culinary adventure—as he began a new culinary chapter with Sage Restaurant Group at Urban Farmer Cleveland.

Outside the kitchen, Nath enjoys reading, exploring local restaurants, and playing a good game of chess.


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