unGlue Your Kids From Screen Time!


This is an app parents have been dreaming of since all these gadgets were created. unGlue

is a free app for kids and their parents to help kids break their screen addictions and manage their own time in a healthier way!

This is how it works: Parents download the free app on their phone, then you download the kids app on the kids device. You set the time allowed on the device, you track the time, you can view what your kids are spending time on, you can even set to block adult content (love that). Yes, I know it’s great!

There’s more… when you set the time allowed on “devices” and that time is used, kids can do chores to earn more time. You put them to work so they can earn screen time. Wait there is more…so you can also track ALL your WiFi Devices at home! Parents have the choice of downloading the unGlue Home Monitor software onto a single desktop computer (it must be hardwired not a laptop) to control all devices at home. If families don’t have a computer with a permanent Internet wire connection, the unGlue Puck can be purchased for $30 through the app during the setup process. The unGlue Puck is a small deivce you plug into your router. I decided to get the Puck because we did not have a hardwired computer. This is great because you can track all of your devices. We are now tracking time spent on Wii U, Playstation, Apple TV devices as well.

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 2.23.01 PMFor me this app could not have come at a better time. My boys Ryan and Sean had just requested and received iPads for Christmas. I had waited as long as I could before I broke down and got them their own devices. They are 7 and 9. I was so worried I would never see them again. With unGlue I can track their time. I explained to them how the app worked and to appreciate the time they have on their devices, once the time is up they can “work” for more time. I am loving unGlue. I also love that I can see what they are spending time on. As Parents you want to give your children space but you also want to constantly monitor what they are looking at. The internet is a very scary place. If you do not want your children on Facebook or Twitter you can monitor that. This works great for my kids 7 and 9 but this is also great for older children!

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 2.17.14 PM

With the unGlue Puck or Software install, unGlue works across any device in home or on the go and will ‘attach’ to new devices as they join the home network, automatically! Got a tablet or Xbox for a birthday present? unGlue knows it as soon as the child switches it on! Kids’ friends join the home’s WiFi? unGlue lets parents define rules for them as well.

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I have nothing negative to say about unGlue. My one complaint was roll over time which when I emailed them to ask about it, they fixed it. So now after using this for over a week..it’s perfect. I am grateful that an app came out like this. For every parent out there give it a try! It’s easy and free!

With the single goal in mind, unGlue helps parents control the amount of time their children spend across ALL of their electronic devices, at home or phones.


Alon Schwarz is a father and cofounder of unGlue:

“Our goal is to enable kids to manage their own time by providing tools that teaches them the value of time. At the same time, we want to allow parents to define boundaries and provide them with insight as to the whereabouts of their kids online. unGlue is planning on providing the basic capability of monitoring and managing time for free for the foreseeable future. We are planning on adding paid services in the future for additional services for parents and kids or based on level of usage.”

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About unGlue
unGlue was founded in 2014 by Alon Shwartz and Alex Zherdev, two fathers who were tired of feeling helpless about what and how much content their kids consume online. Not only did they worry about their kids’ cognitive development and Internet safety, they were tired of the turmoil sparked by confiscating their children’s devices. The fact was, their kids couldn’t help themselves. Videos, games, and social media are designed to be addictive. They didn’t just want to control their kids’ online behavior — they wanted to transform it. Parents needed more than just online content blockers. They needed to feel confident their kids were prepared to handle a future with more technology, more screen time and more distractions. unGlue teaches the good habit of optimal yet limited screen within the boundaries defined by parents. Find the App on iTunes and Google Play stores.


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