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My kids love to play hide-and-seek. Their squeals of delight when they find each other or are found are contagious. Recently we also started playing the classic game, “Huckle Buckle Beanstalk,” where you hide an item and take turns finding it based on clues given by the hider. If your kids also enjoy hiding and discovering items, check out the uKloo Treasure Hunt Game. Not only does it facilitate a fun game of hide-and-find the item, it introduces basic reading concepts to your preschooler.

The uKloo early reader Treasure Hunt Game consists of 54 clue cards with three color-coded levels, a “picture helper” reference poster, 12 blank “surprise” cards and 12 blank “write your own clue” cards. The game is played by hiding a favorite object or intended surprise and then choosing a card or series of cards that leads your little sleuth to the final location. Pre-written cards include directions such as, “look under the couch,” or “look in your shoe.” When used with the reference poster, young children can decipher the cards (thus learning valuable sight words along the way) to find the hidden item. Kids then get rewarded for “reading” clues.

Surprises can be anything you designate, such as a favorite toy, snack, sheet of stickers or an experience (such as going to McDonald’s or other favorite location for lunch). I realized though that it’s less about the prize and more about the self-satisfaction earned when figuring out the clues. My emerging five-year-old reader had more fun playing with the clue cards and associating them with the poster than he did finding the hidden objects!

If you’re looking for a fun, educational game that is also travel-friendly when going to Grandma’s for holiday celebrations, the uKloo early reader Treasure Hunt game is a perfect choice. It also comes in a riddle edition for older kids (7 and up). You can purchase both games on the uKloo web site or on Amazon for $15.99.


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