I hate kid illnesses. One because they are so weird, come out of  no where and can really knock the littles ones down and I hate seeing little guys sick! Poor babies!

My oldest son Ryan, 5, came down with something a week ago Sunday and he was pretty much down and out all week. He wasn’t eating but never got stomach sick (if you know what I mean). He was just not himself and very tired. He was dozing off every chance he got. Finally Friday night I saw a break through. He wanted to eat. He wanted to go out to eat. He was coming back around.

As soon as I thought yay lets enjoy the weekend, Sean, 3, woke up Saturday morning and threw up all over me. He had a fever of 102. Not how I planned on starting my day or my weekend for that matter. We actually had  a few things planned I was looking forward to. Oh well plans change when you are a parent. Poor Sean actually was only sick Saturday and by Sunday morning his fever broke. That kid amazes me he had a liver transplant and everything and I swear he has more energy and fight in him than anyone I have ever met. Well like I said the stomach bug came went and left the building. I do not want to see anything back for awhile now.