My husband plans THE BEST trips! It’s usually the woman that does all the planning, but not in my household. My husband is a planner to say the least! About three times a year during hockey season, we take a trip to Columbus that is so much fun for both of us. I get to stop at Easton, an outdoor shopping mecca, and then we check into our hotel in the Arena District just in time for dinner at the R Bar Hockey Bar before we head to the Columbus Blue Jackets game. Yes we have matching s, but of course mine is PINK.

The best part for me is the shopping buzz from my afternoon fix to kick off the trip and just hanging out and spending time as a couple. Easton has all of my favorite stores and then some! Nordies, Express, Anthropology, Vickies, PINK, Limited, Ann Taylor, and they just opened a new American Doll store in case you would like to bring home a little something for your darling daughter. There are plenty of stores to pick up something for your handsome little guy, too! Usually my husband is in such a great mood that he gets to go to the hockey game that he doesn’t pay much attention to the credit card swiping. Although he does have a time limit of how much time he can actually spend shopping and the cut-off is usually at the two hour mark. It’s amazing what I can accomplish in two hours without my two year old in tow though.

Hockey season runs from October to April, so you have plenty of time during the year to make this trip happen. So the next time you and your hubby are looking for a quick road trip, pitch this one and I am sure he’ll be in!

What is your favorite Ohio overnight getaway?