Ocean Prime Cocktail

I recently had the most wonderful martini experience at a fantastic restaurant in Denver! And believe me, I’ve tried a few.

I’ve had bubbly champagne martinis, but not one that bubbled vigorously for ten minutes! I figured dry ice had to be involved so I looked up the recipe. Make this your signature drink the next time you host Girl’s Night and I guarantee none of your guests will be disappointed.

• Start with a martini glass filled to 1-2” below the rim with your drink of choice.
• Add a quantity of dry ice similar to 2 cubes of regular ice.
• For more bubble and smoke, add a chunk or two more of dry ice.
• The dry ice will sublimate for 4-5 minutes creating carbonation and a rolling fog effect.
• It’s safe to drink almost immediately. The fog will subside after 6-8 minutes, leaving the perfectly chilled drink.
• Be sure to sip, not gulp, a dry ice cocktail.

For more dry ice ideas, visit dryiceideas.com