The Best Snow Day Activities for Kids!

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Are your kids bored being indoors yet? I have two young boys and in the summer they are outside all day. It’s been cold in Cleveland and there isn’t even any snow outside, which means no sledding or snowman making. Just cold. Needless to say they are getting a little restless. They keep asking when it will be warm so they can enjoy the outdoors again. I hate to tell them they still have a long way to go. So I put together a little list that can hopefully get them to enjoy cold Cleveland days, and learn to have some fun indoors.


1. Make a Banana Snowman


2. Spend the after noon decorating your windows. Make paper Snowflakes.


3. Prepare for an Indoor Snowball Fight.

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4. Have a Coloring Contest. Download these Free Printables to get started. Color using crayons, paint, glitter, felt or whatever else you have around the house.


5. Enjoy a little Spice Painting. Clean out that spice rack and enjoy the scents with this easy to do activity.

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6. Have a Treasure/Scavenger Hunt. This is so fun to do and so easy with these printables from Parents. Just download the 5 Reusable Clues. I have done this with my kids and they love it.

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7. Have an Ice Cream Party. Why not? Ice Cream always tastes good. Check out some great ideas like the picture above from Events to Celebrate for your ice cream party.

So being stuck indoors doesn’t sound so bad does it? There are always fun ways to keep busy. Enjoy this time with your kids and make a boring day…Fun!


  1. Thanks for featuring my ice cream ideas! I’ve also got Minute To Win it activities that would be great for an afternoon of fun and they use things you already have most likely!


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