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I know summer is almost over, but it’s not too late to get some color with the Sephora brand self tanner spray and lotion. I stock up on this stuff like crazy because the spray especially shows immediate color and then gets darker over a couple of days. It helps to apply it in different coats/layers a couple times each day if you want even faster results.

I try to go to the spray tan booth, but sometimes that just doesn’t happy with my busy schedule. Sephora self tanner gives me the color I need to feel like I have been laying and relaxing in the sun all day when in actuality I have been at work. Plus, I can’t stand wearing panty hose during the summer, so this allows me to have a more even tone on my legs for work.


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  • Ooh, this sounds really cool! I will definitely have to stop by sephora and pick some of this up, I love trying out new tanning lotions. I will be sure to check back in with you and let you know how it works! Thanks for sharing!



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