My husband surprised me a few weeks ago with a weekend trip to NYC. He literally told me the night before we left! He had a sitter lined up because NYC is no place to take our 2.5 year old daughter. It was literally an hour flight from Akron/Canton Airport each way with no delays, so the travel process was pretty seamless. We left on a Saturday morning and flew back on Sunday afternoon…no vacation time needed at work!

I was so excited since I had not been to NYC since 2003 and we had never been there together as a couple. We painted the city and visited the Freedom Tower, Radio City Music Hall, Times Square and many pubs throughout the day. We actually walked through the brand new tunnel under the Freedom Tower and it was still so surreal after all of this time has passed since 911. The new Freedom tower is so big and spectacular, but there is still such an indescribable somber feeling in the air that exists after the horrible tragedy that took so many lives.

It was 45 and sunny, so we couldn’t complain about the weather. We did a combination of cabbing it and using the subway, which can be extremely confusing if you are not familiar with it. We had dinner at a wonderful Italian restaurant and stayed a quaint new boutique hotel in the village near 5th Avenue called The Marlton. This is a new hot spot in the village that seemed quite popular for happy hour. We LOVED visiting NYC and had such a wonderful time, but we both decided that NYC causes us both to feel a little too claustrophobic to ever be able to live there. I suppose you would adjust, but there’s no place like home in the burbs.

However, you’ve got to visit NYC if you haven’t in the last few years. There is so much to do and it makes you feel like the city that you live in is so small in comparison. It is just such a different experience from the normal suburban life.