Stassi Schroeder’s Diet – Vanderpump Rules

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Can you stand it? The Vanderpump Rules reunion is on tonight! I can’t hardly wait. Many people were wondering how Stassi stays in great shape here are a few of her diet secrets.

She tries to juice everyday and loves kale, spinach, beets, cucumber, green apples, lemon, & ginger. If she is trying to loose a few pounds she cuts out solid foods and drinks lots of juices and water.

Another trick for getting into quick shape is no carbs after 5:00 pm. Watching the alcohol intake and exercise. Although she admits she is not a fan of gyms and really prefers hiking, walking the dog, swimming or anything outside.

She thinks a quick fix is spending some time in a sauna and sweating everything out or a quick spray tan always drops some lbs!


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