Stassi Schroeder Before Chin Implant

stassi before chin implant

Vanderpump Rules was fantastic as usual last night. There was lots of drama and lots of shockers! What I found most interesting was the evil Stassi Schroeder revealed she was a goth nerd in high school, that was until she got a chin implant and transformed into a self proclaimed super model. Interesting a chin implant caused this monster. Of course we had to dig up some pictures, and lucky us we found the chinless goth nerd. Enjoy!


  1. she needs a chin job, Stassi looks real ugly with all the drs. seems she could get a good chin job. The other girl Laura much much better looking and that girl had class! The others are okay, but I thought this was hollywood, where are all the better looking females, not counting Lisa, she has class and Kyl.

  2. I think she was ugly to begin with and even uglier now. Reminds me of Chelsea Clinton only Stassi is an unlikeable bitch!

  3. one of the most natural procedures I’ve seen.

  4. She is foul. Her personality really sucks. If she really felt good about herself, she wouldn’t feel the need to push other females out of SUR. She must be completely insecure about herself…I can see why.
    Confident women don’t push other women down.

  5. No amount of surgery will change that ugly personality, she is a hideous creator.

  6. MmmMmmGood says:

    Dear shitski, ooopsy, stassi (small “s”)
    I am sure you are googling urself often and i hope you are reading this.
    You are one ugly woman. Most of it is because of your personality, a true bully. I can almost call you disgusting. Every time we watch the show we are just amazed how much arrogance can be in one person. Of course you are with Jax, who else would take a “woman” like this? Please, keep dating each other but use protection and DO NOT reproduce, yuk!
    Have a blessed day!

  7. Poor poor, Stacci. I think her biggest problem goes back to growing up with alcoholic parents who made fun of her looks. As a result she ill always have insecurities about relationships and assume men are unfaithful just her father. She also has major anger issues understandably. Unfortunately even with the chin plant she still looks like Chelsea Clinton and her kids are going to look like her before the surgery.
    She has severe mental health issues that need to be addressed. Otherwise in her eyes, she will always be the fat, ugly chinless girl. she started out as

  8. Unfortunately, a chin implant cannot erase the insecurities and anger issues this
    Chelsea Clinton look alike has – a pig is a pig is pig. Working as a waitress at 25 says it all about this pig.

  9. I’m a guy and I think she looks nice. I dont think she is ugly at all. She is just human. No need for everyone to be so mean to that girl. She is a real cute doll.

  10. She still looks like shit, no curves or butt and weird face….pre-surgery pictures are hilarious tho, almost as ugly as her personality

  11. ‘i can’t get over the fact that all of you are calling her a bully and then adding that she’s ugly and other hurtfull words.
    It’s sad watching people attac an other human being like this. Stassi is a beautiful women both before and after the surgery and she is fun, independent and strong. why bother saying negative thing about people. If you can’t see anything good in her the fault is not with her but with you. You have to be extreamly narrow minded if you can’t find one good thing a person(No matter if it’s your worst enemy, someone passing you in the street or in this case a celerbity


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