Shooting for the Stars

Who hasn’t looked up at the night sky and wondered what it would be like to strap on an astronaut’s helmet and speed through the heavens on a rocketship? Aeromax‘s latest products play into that daydream and allow children to realistically dress up as an astronaut for the day.

My 1st Career Gear Orange Astronaut Top ($13.95) paired with the Jr. Astronaut Helmet with Sound ($39.95) makes for fantastic role play for your little one, not to mention a potential future Halloween costume! I loved the realistic features of the top (particularly the NASA logos and imprint on the back).



My son typically wears 4T-5T clothing, and this top, while somewhat large on him, fit him fairly well. I’d recommend it for ages 3 and up.

The Jr. Astronaut Helmet with Sound was a big hit. Sturdy and brimming with detailed features, the helmet boasts a retractable visor (simply click a button). It also incorporates sound effects that simulate the countdown and “blast off” of a space shuttle or rocket. This feature is also easily activated with the click of a button, easily accessible on the side of the helmet.


Aeromax also recently debuted its Bump ‘N Bots ($4.95), two wind-up robots that change directions when they hit an obstacle and can be utilized together for bumping and colliding fun. Adorably small and available in two different designs, these robots are a fantastic smaller toy that are a great throw-back to simpler diversions. My son enjoyed winding up the robots and having them “fight” each other on the coffee table.



These toys, as well as many of the others offered by Aeromax, encourage kids to use their imagination and pretend they are exploring the solar system, refereeing robot fighters and taking many other fantastic and exciting adventures! Check out these toys and much more on Aeromax’s web site.


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