Reuse and Recycle at Home!

Towards the end of summer, the grass is dry and crunchy. The flower pots start to get “leggy” and the blossoms spread out. Unless you want your water bill to skyrocket, now is the time to do your part from the comfort of your home and conserve water! Here are a few helpful tips that I do myself:

  1. When you know a storm is coming, put your watering cans outside and move those pots from your deck or covered patio so you can catch those drops to use the following day. Sometimes I even put out a bucket!
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2.Reuse your boiling water from pasta, potatoes, or pierogis, etc. Allow time to cool, then dump on potted plants or shrubs.
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3. Reuse the water collected in your dehumidifier from the basement. You will not believe how much can get collected in one cycle!!!

4. Freeze beverages prior to going to the pool to use as ice in your cooler AND a nice frosty beverage!

5. Save old liquor bottles or other beverage bottles to use as vases throughout your home and bathrooms, to add color and a pretty light sent. I prefer glass and recommend tequila or Italian sparkling water bottles, they are really unique!
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