Happy New Year! I’m thrilled to be joining the Momfabfun team as a contributor. It’s a great way for me to kick off 2017 by trying something new. If you’re like me, a new year provides an opportunity to shrug off anything holding you back in the previous year and “start fresh.” We’re all familiar with resolutions, those promises to be healthier, fitter and just generally better. But what about being happier?

This year, I’m definitely planning to eat smarter, exercise more and perhaps drink less Chardonnay (although let’s not get too crazy), but I’m also adopting some resolutions to improve the quality of my life on the happiness scale. As moms, we often put our wants and needs below that of our children, our husbands and sometimes even our friends and extended families. That can leave us feeling incredibly drained! It’s easy to forget about the interests and activities that make us happy while we’re balancing folding laundry, making dinner and ensuring our kids make it to baseball practice on time.

I challenge you this year to include at least one resolution that isn’t just about improving yourself, but celebrating yourself: who you are and what makes you tick. Maybe it’s a hobby you gave up when you became a mom (I’m looking at you, knitting needles) or something you’ve always wanted to explore but haven’t (Thai cooking, watercolor painting, skydiving!). We can all be better people (I know I can), but we’re also pretty amazing the way we are, and I think that should be celebrated, too.

How will you be happier in 2017?  I’d love to hear about it.




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Excited to be a contributor for Momfabfun! I live in Northeast Ohio with my husband, two children and black cat. We love music, adventure, travel and sports and are always looking for new experiences. Being a mom can be challenging but it is definitely fabulous AND fun!

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