Renee’s Salon on the Square is Fabulous!

I feel beautiful and confident thanks to the talented staff at Renee’s Salon on the Square in beautiful Brecksville, Ohio. I booked my appointment with the hopes of proving to all my mom friends that we don’t have to hide in the comfort of dim lighting to hide our bright greys any longer….and I succeeded! Hip hip hooray!


Built in 1884, the building is both historical and full of charm. Since June was Customer Appreciation Month, there were beverages and snacks displayed on a pretty table. The pleasing music added to the relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Greeting me with a smile from the front chair was owner, Renee, who has been working there for 25 years and renamed the salon when she took it over almost 13 years ago.

test 6

Josh, who was my stylist, has been there for 5 years and has a fun, easy going way about him. He was like a beacon of light, there to guide me through the process and make sure I was going to be happy with the end result. He listened to my concerns about being a busy mom and not always able to keep up with the necessary appointments that go along with salon color. I mentioned that I pull my hair up into a ponytail a lot. Therefore, he chose to add highlights throughout my hair instead of heavy around by face because that look can be jarring once pulled back. He covered my stubborn grey roots with translucent color that helps eliminate the line of demarcation while my hair grows. He cut my hair prior to coloring which I thought was so clever! “Why would I color something that I’m just going to end up cutting off?”, he said.

Josh shared helpful info and summer tips to keep color looking radiant:

  • Aside from what you may think, you CAN wash your hair immediately after coloring. Typically the color sets for up to one hour, then you are safe to wash at home!
  • Clairifying the hair prior to applying any color is crucial so that there is no buildup between your hair and the new color.
  • Always ask to see swatches! Your idea of “caramel highlights” may be completely different than a trained stylist’s knowledge of that color.
  • Rinse before the pool! Your hair is like a sponge. If you saturate it with water before the chlorine hits it, you are much better off. If you cannot do so, throw some inexpensive kid’s detangler in your pool bag. Applying it prior to the plunge will act as a barrier and give you the added bonus of silky hair too!
  • UV protection in hair products is a myth. There is no standard government regulation. The only way to be sure your color won’t fade in the hot sun is to cover it with a hat.
  • Not washing/styling hair daily is recommended. It has been proven that heat can alter your color. If you are new to this concept, ease into this with an every-other-day routine.
  • To hide greys, you can spray your roots in between appointments with a complimenting color. As long as the spray is a rinse out product, there will be no damage to your hair.
  • Over-the-counter colour protecting shampoos and conditioners can help, but don’t expect a miracle. You get what you pay for, so read the ingredients.

I was also spoiled with a manicure and makeup consultation with Jessi who gave me some wonderful tips for summer. She lined up a few lovely shades including, sea foam and lavender. I was so happy with the “tiffany blue color with subtle gold shimmer” that she recommended! Due to the quality base and top coat she applied, it lasted for a week! And that’s a really long time for a busy, dish washing, baseball playing, floor scrubbing mom like myself! She applied oil to my cuticles which she mentioned is super important to maintaining healthy nails. I ended up starring at my nails way longer than I should have while driving home.

test 5

For Summer, this is what makeup Jessi recommends:

  • For your face: Tarte BB Cream, which is a tinted primer. It’s very light, yet provides the coverage you need in the summer to even out your skin tone.
  • For your eyes: Choose a light and shimmery eyeshadow for this season. Jessi loves Half-Baked by Urban Decay. Coat your lashes with a tinted primer by They’re Real.
  • To transition your look from day to night, add Kat Von D’s liquid eyeliner pen in Trooper. Finish with black mascara to darken the tinted primer applied earlier in the day.

Here is some pics of my hair BEFORE:

Test 1        Test 2

Notice how dull my hair was and how noticeably grey the crown was!!

And here’s some of AFTER:

test 3 test 4

WOW!!! Look how shiny and rich my new hair looks!!! AND NO MORE GREY!!!! While driving home, I couldn’t stop smiling. And staring at my reflection in the rearview mirror. And fanning my nails out over my steering wheel. A few weeks have gone by and I’m still really, really happy with how I look. More importantly, how I feel. And really ladies, isn’t that what it’s all about? Right?! Do yourself a favor and try out Renee’s Salon on the Square in Brecksville, OH!! I give it 5 stars and 2 pretty thumbs up! We just may run into each other there!



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