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Who doesn’t love playsets? They encourage imagination, provide a one-and-done play experience and promote independent play. The down side? They take up so much space! I’ve become fed up with the lack of floor space in our basement/play room as the plastic playsets have taken over. Plus, with so many small parts in most of them, it’s usually only a matter of time before key characters or accessories disappear (or get chewed by the dog).

That’s why I was really drawn to the ReadySetz Urban Playset. Not only does inspire creative play with its eye-catching graphics, windows and doors that open/close and lots of hidden spaces for little eyes and hands to explore, but it’s mostly one piece – no small plastic parts to lose! Even better, ReadySetz folds up neatly and can be reassembled quickly. It opens to its full size right out of the box with minimal set-up, so parents don’t have to worry about spending hours reading instructions or trying to fit plastic parts together. As it says on the ReadySetz web site, “No assembly means  no complicated directions, no tiny pieces, and – best of all – no headache! Kids can take their set out of the box, open it, and start playing!”

My kids particularly loved the Urban playset because of how their collection of cars and trains could easily be integrated into the set. They especially enjoyed the ramps that could easily be installed (and uninstalled) on both sides of the playset. And because the playset is relatively large in size, both kids could play on either side of the playset and no one fought over who got to play with it first! But at the end of the day the playset almost magically folds up and can be stored underneath a table, behind a piece of furniture or against the wall: no worries about losing small parts, and no concerns about tripping over the pieces and parts because they take up so much floor space.

The ReadySetz Urban playset can be purchased in two sizes, both of which are made out of super-sturdy and durable cardboard. In addition, budding astronauts may love the Space Base Playset. This one is also available in two sizes.

The Urban and Space Base playsets are available to preorder on the ReadySetz web site. Shipping is free! Be sure to also check out the videos on the web site that show how easily the set can be assembled and disassembled. Order yours today to get a head start on that holiday gift list! Enter code MOMFABFUN15 to save 15% on any purchase on the web site! Act fast, because this special expires on November 15!


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