Raw Trainer makes healthy easy…and delicious!

Remember all they hype that came with January and its promises to be more fit, healthy, aware of what is going into your body.  Remember how you were going to food prep on Sunday and have a food plan for your family to help them join the band wagon of the new healthy you?  I do! January is the chance for a fresh start! The motivation is contagious when you go to the gym or talk to your girlfriends.  And then it happened…FEBRUARY! AHHHHH!! The dead of winter is on us.  When was the last time we saw sunlight longer than 3 hours in the afternoon?  The slush, the snow, the bitter cold, the ice.  Are these not all the reasons in the world to order take out or skip the gym (for safeties sake)!

Being able to continue down the path of a healthy fitness schedule, healthy attitude and all around healthy life style starts with one main thing…the RIGHT FOOD!  We often forget that food isn’t always meant to fill you up or drown away your stressful days, but it is meant to be fuel for your body!  With the right fuel inside you the days the are bitter cold, filled with ice and snow and no sunlight don’t win the fight, instead you choose to push through and continue the journey you have set for yourself! That being said…I was so excited when I came across a high school friend, Marisa Pesler (Dicenso), founder of Raw Trainer.  She (and her husband/partner Pieter Pesler) have made RAW FOODS Fun, delicious, exciting (not kidding…I am excited to get my foods) and finally CONVENIENT!

Ok…enough of my motivational speaking!  Here is some info about Marisa and RAW TRAINER!

“Raw Trainer was born when Marisa Pelser, a fitness advocate, and full-time mom ran into issues with her health and skin. Looking for a cure that started from the inside, Marisa began her raw food journey. Today, Raw Trainer offers a variety of meals, desserts, and smoothies, made with only the highest quality organic ingredients.”

“Marisa leads by example as she raises raw babies, who love her smoothies and veggie pops, with her husband and partner Pieter Pelser. Together they are building their team of raw renegades! People always ask Marisa how she has the energy to run her business, teach Pilates and raise four kids and the answer is simple—she lives raw—providing herself, her family and endeavors with the energy and passion they all deserve and need to flourish.”

Raw Trainer not only has several different HOME DELIVERY food options to choose from. *** menu is set weekly*** There is also a Raw Blog which talks about different ways to remain healthy and many at home recipes.

My husband and I choose to start with the 5 Day Flush.  Sunday late afternoon the doorbell rang with 2 bags filled with healthy goodness! It was a ton of food!  So many varieties and flavors!  My husband was obsessed with the Mac Daddy Bowl, and he raved about all of the dressings! Honestly, there was not one item I didn’t love.  In the 5 Day Flush you receive 5 of each: smoothies, breakfast, lunch and dinner!  Chlora-Mint was by far my favorite smoothie!  It was like a chocolate-mint dessert! I could go on forever, but you should check it out yourself and see what would best fit your lifestyle.

This may be just what you need to make it through the tough months between now and summer! ENJOY!

When you place your be sure to use coupon code MOMFABFUN15.




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