Quick Valentine’s Day Center Piece


I went to a friend’s for girl’s night last weekend and she had some adorable Valentine’s Day decorations. This was her centerpiece and I loved it. She told me that she got the idea from Pinterest. I gave her a heads up that I might have to steal the idea since it was so cute.

I went and bought some candy hearts at the grocery store and brought them home. Then I engaged my daughter by letting her know that I had a fun craft to do that involved eating a little candy. I had her at “candy.” She was all in!

We simply placed a candle in a glass votive and sprinkled the heart candy around it. She ate some heart candies throughout the process and I read her the message on each one. She was confused by “wink wink” but I assured her it was a loving message and showed her how to wink. It was an easy, fun activity for us to do.

Her new thing is watching music video’s on YouTube, and so she decided to watch a couple of videos after the heart candy activity. One of her favorite songs is Blank Space by Taylor Swift and my daughter pointed out that Taylor Swift eats heart candy in that video and I was a little puzzled by this coincidence. I rewound the video and she was right, Taylor was eating heart candy! Then I saw how violent that video got and turned it off immediately. YIKES Taylor!


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