PRE® GRASS FED BEEF – Amazingly Fresh and Healthy


We are always trying to eat healthy and there is so much mystery to the food we eat these days! I just heard about PRE Grass Fed Beef and we are so excited about this new line of beef products. I love chicken but I get a little bit sick of eating it all of the time, so I am glad there is now a new line of grass fed beef that is delicious, healthy, AND convenient.


The packaging is different than the vague, mystery packaging at the grocery store that they use for most of their packaged meats. PRE packaging actually tells you exactly what is in their steak or beef, or should I say what is LEFT OUT of their steak or beef. There are no added hormones, antibiotics or feedlots. And the packaging is clear so you can see exactly what you are buying.


You can buy PRE now in the Cleveland area at select Giant Eagle and all Heinen’s retailers. You can also buy it on Amazon and have it shipped directly to your home! You can keep it your refrigerator if you would like to use it soon or freeze it for later. I just received my shipment in the mail and was extremely impressed with the packaging and quality of information on the packaging.


We decided to grill out since it was 46 degrees in February in Ohio, which as you know is not typical at all whatsoever, and my husband grilled the filet and ribeye.


They meat was the freshest we have ever tasted! The filet was so tender and was my favorite of the two, but I typically like filets over ribeye. My husband is a bigger fan of the ribeye.


We used seasoning McCormick seasoning, which is our favorite, and I also used A1 sauce. I always put A1 sauce on all of my meat, but it didn’t necessarily need it.


It does not taste like the typical beef that we buy at the store, it was much more fresh and delicious. Plus, I felt so comfortable eating it and giving it to my daughter knowing that is is high quality with no added added hormones, antibiotics or feedlots. I felt great after eating it as well.


I would highly recommend PRE Grass Fed Beef for you and your family. If you tend to shy away from beef because you don’t know what’s in it, rest assured that you and your family are getting an excellent product with the nutritional value and quality you need. And it’s a great lean source of protein to keep you family eating healthy and feeling full. I’ll definitely be buying more of this beef!



Lenny Lebovich, a Beachwood grad, founded PRE® Brands, a new line of 100% grass fed beef that delivers consumers the top 10% of grass fed beef from the most trustworthy sources in the world. Ever wondered if you’re making the right decision when it comes to choices of meat? Our food these days is filled with genetically modified, antibiotic filled products, making things we’d consider “safe,” unsafe. Enter true meat expert/guru, Lenny Lebovich. Lenny is a former Wall Street Trader turned beef purveyor who wants to change how people buy beef – he was just one of 25 people honored nationally by Supermarket News for “disrupting” the entire meat category and as an expert on about consumers seeking good-tasting and good-for-you options.

His product is now hitting shelves in Cleveland (already in Giant Eagle and Heinen’s) and it’s unlike anything else you’ll see on shelves.

Here’s why it’s relevant:
· The founder. Cleveland-native Lenny has a cool story: he traded in his life on Wall Street and traveled the world for a decade learning the meat market, to bring consumers top “better for you” products. He’s obsessed, we mean obsessed, with making sure his product delivers on consumer demands and doesn’t suffer any compromises.

· The packaging. You can tell PRE® is different at first glance. Most brands only show one side of the cut when placed on shelves, but PRE® has introduced a one-of-its-kind clear packaging with a 360° view of their meat so consumers know exactly what they’re getting. Unlike the typical plastic-wrapped Styrofoam tray packages, PRE® invests in a vacuum-sealed method that provides consistent quality and temperature, and leads to longer shelf life. (Not only is Styrofoam harmful to the environment, it can often expose the meat to greater amounts of oxygen in a quicker timeframe, leading to that gooey mess you sometimes experience along with faster spoilage.)

· The Process. The brand uses a trademarked “15-point Obsessive Pick Process,” putting every single cut under a microscope, resulting in the very best quality and taste.

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