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What’s the worst part of playtime? You guessed it: clean-up time. Putting toys away, pushing them to the side to clear the floor, only to have your nice, clean living room or playroom completely messed up again the next day (or, if it’s my house, in the next ten minutes).

Luckily, I recently discovered the Play & Go storage bags and playmats ($40), which make clean-up and playtime a breeze!


Doubling as a soft, comfortable playmat with a 55-inch diameter when fully open AND a nifty drawstring storage bag, the Play & Go takes the frustration out of cleaning up the kids’ play space when play time is over. Simply open it up, spread it out and let the kids sit down and get out all their toys.


At the end of the day, pull the drawstrings and pick up the bag to set aside until next time. It’s easy to spread it all out again the next day and avoid losing any precious play pieces.


The Play & Go comes in a variety of beautiful colors and styles. As an added bonus, the roadmap version features a printed network of streets, buildings and other city attributes, which is a perfect playing surface for kids’ cars/vehicles. I had recently bought a book of punch-out and fold town buildings, and these were an optimum size to assemble and use on the playmat to create an ideal play city!


Finally, the Play & Go also comes in a mini version ($20), which is ideal for traveling and ensuring small toys and play pieces (think Legos) don’t disappear under hotel beds or in the basement of grandmother’s house. It’s also a great bag to keep in your vehicle for impromptu trips to the beach or pool (keep your water toys organized). We used ours recently on a day trip to the local apple orchard. It was the perfect size for collecting the apples we picked and bringing them home! It will be a fixture in my car for all of our adventures and trips.

Ready to order your Play & Go? Visit, or check out your local specialty store (in the Cleveland area, visit Play Matters in Solon or Pepper Pike). You can also send an email to to place an order. Enjoy playing and the easy clean-up!



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