PetSac Review: The Furry Friend that Turns into a BackPack! @Pet_Sac

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It’s time for Back-to-School and everyone needs a new backpack! Let me introduce you to PetSac. PetSac is the first-ever backpack that looks like a plush animal until you zip the animals tail and out comes a backpack. These sweet yet durable Pets are a must-have for kids as they head out this fall.

PetSac • Ages 3+ • $19.99
Hug a plush animal and feel the love. Hug a plush PetSac and pull its tail that’s actually a hidden zipper to a secret – a patented cavity that transforms the Pet into a full size backpack! The backpacks are actually made from the same rip stop nylon fabric that is used in parachutes so they are durable and can be wiped clean. When backpack is not in use, tuck it inside your Pet, zip up and cuddle! Cuteness and creativity will make this product the must-have at school!

These are so adorable! We received ours in the mail two days ago and my younger son Sean has not put it down. He loves his PetSac! He had the biggest smile on his face when he saw what this little monkey could do! He uses his Monkey as a plush at night and during the day he carries things around in the bag. The Monkey is so soft and cuddly you can’t even tell it’s any different then his other stuffed animals or that there is a backpack inside of it!

The backpack portion is made of a very durable, Rip Stop polyester. Great for keeping clean and kid proof! When you want to go back to your adorable plush animal you just stuff the backpack back in the animals back and use his tail as your zipper pull!

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The PetSac Original Collection is planned with nine core animals and six custom backpack prints. Choose White Polka Dots, Blue Paws, Red Plaid or three other charming designs. The hardest part will be deciding which Pet to bring home and in what backpack pattern!

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These PetSac backpacks are great for Back to School, car travels, or use PetSacs for a trip to Grandma’s house or for a sleepover!

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Hurry! These have just become available August 1 at and at Walmart! Give one as a birthday present and expect the Wow factor to emerge from every mom in the room!

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Disclosure: I was given free product for my honest review. All opinions are my own.


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  • Sarah From NYC

    this is the cutest thing I ever saw. My kids would freak out for this. I just placed my order. Cant wait to get my hands on it!!!



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