Pandy the Peripop – Multiple Use Play Mat and Storage Pillow

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I really like when toys have multiple uses and you can do many things with them. This is just one of the reasons why I love the Peripop, which is a cute, cuddly character that can turn from a cushion or blanket into a pillow that is stuffed with all of those stuffed animals that are lying around the house. I don’t know any mom that isn’t looking for a place to store some of those extra stuffed animals when guests are coming over. There is a zipper at the bottom of the Peripop that easily opens to start stuffing away with soft toys or outgrown clothes and blankets.

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My daughter loves to lay on the soft, cushiony Peripop and cuddle with it as well. She likes to snuggle with “Pandy” the panda bear Peripop.


I wanted to share this with you all because with the holidays approaching, it can be really tough with the hustle and bustle of the season to find some really unique gift ideas. Visit for more details and to purchase these fun, soft, multipurpose animal pals.

“Peripop is many things – blanket, companion, cushion, play mat, room organizer, backrest – but above all it is a source of comfort and fun to kids from infant on up,” began the review by the Tillywig judge who bestowed its 2015 Parents Favorite Products seal. “Peripop is available in four different animals, each with a vivid look and feel that immediately conveys its high quality and distinctive comfort and play appeal. Kids gravitate towards these cozy creatures whose warm colors and rich patterns (different on each side) beckon them to snuggle, cuddle, and play. Each animal initially lays flat, with paws outstretched, making for a great blanket or play mat. But (surprise!) a zippered opening lets Peripop be popped into a nice plump shape simply by stuffing him with old clothing and plush toys. Mom and Dad love the reduced clutter, while kids adore having more of their animal companion to hug, squeeze, and enjoy.”


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