Ombre Nails


I love the color pink! Sometimes when I get a manicure, I just don’t know which shade of pink to pick. I decided to try ombre nails and they are so fun! And I can wear any color pink with them! I even did a sparkle as an accent nail on my ring finger. This is a fun look for a vacation or just a way to add some bright fun to the grey winter.

I used to get acrylics all of the time, but then hated sitting still for so long and had them soaked off for good about 10 years ago. I had shellac done a couple of times over the holidays so my nails would last and I wouldn’t have to worry about them. This worked out well and I really liked how they lasted. Unfortunately I don’t have the time or the patience to go to the nail place every two weeks and I like having the option to do them quickly on my own and switch the color in short notice. However, for the holidays and vacations, I will get shellac in the future. Some people are concerned about the UV rays, but if I only get them done a couple of times a year, it can’t be too bad.

Are you a shellac, manicure or acrylic fan?


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