North Pole Kids’ Club – Membership Kit to Be a Part of Santa’s Team of Junior Elves – 20% Off Discount Code

North Pole Kids’ Club is the most fun way for kids to be a part of Santa’s Team of Junior Elves! My daughter has been on her best behavior lately just knowing that she is a Junior Elf.

She received an official certificate with her name on it. Now that she knows how to spell her name, once she saw the certificate she really thought it was from Santa.


Every North Pole Kid tries to be nice. She feels like an official elf when she wears her hat. She says that when she wears it that it feels like Santa is watching her be a good helper.


The biggest aha moment was when she saw the key. She thought it was so magical and keeps it on her bedside. She truly believes that it is a key to Santa’s workshop.


We had so much fun reading the book about the Junior Elves and have read it many time since. It’s getting her so excited for the holidays and into the Christmas spirit.


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