New Get Qurious Explorer box available!

If you enjoyed the Get Qurious Maker box, which I reviewed earlier this year, get ready for the newest edition: the Explorer box! Promoted as “imaginative play enhanced by augmented reality,” this newest interactive and imaginative activity box encourages you and your children to work together to learn, discover, play and explore, this time with the theme of space travel and adventure.

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Like the Maker Box, the Explorer Box features four activities for ages 4-8: Build a Story, Mask Play, Build a Spaceship and Treasure Hunt 3D game. All activities are enhanced with the use of a smart phone or tablet once a parent downloads the Explorer Box app (note: this is a different app than the one used with the Maker Box). Included in the box are four cut-out masks, four large treasure hunt cards and 15 two-sided small cards for building stories (one side) and spaceships (other side).

We started with the Build a Story activity, which made me think of a Mad Lib game come to life. The app provides the shell of a story that you can enhance by scanning a chosen card at the designated spot. Once you have filled in all the blanks, the story “comes alive” as you view an animation of the story that you have just created. My kids had fun mixing up the cards to create new stories and got a kick out of the changes in animation. We also used the cards to Build a Spaceship. On the other side of the story cards are various parts of spaceships. Using the app, you can build a customized space machine and watch it blast off for exploration and adventures.

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Mask Play was a lot of fun once we cut out the masks and put them on using the included elastic strings. Like in the Maker Box, you can scan your mask while wearing it and then record your voice and view a personalized, often side-splittingly funny, animation. This reminded me of the popular Snapchat app and the trend to layer effects and filters on photos, along with the addition of your altered voice. My kids probably could have played with this aspect of the app for hours. They love hearing their recorded voices, especially with effects added.

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The Get Qurious Explorer box is a fantastic gift for the family who loves to play together, imagine together and explore story-telling in new, interactive ways. And, f0r a limited time, you can enjoy a 50% discount through the end of the month of August. The coupon code for the offer is EXP50. Visit the Get Qurious web site today to learn more!

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