My New Obsession – The Wet Brush Pro

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As I get older, my hair is not getting better with age. Since after my daughter was born and some of it fell out, it has been thinner, finer, not as shiny, and downright disappointing. I try to minimize how hard I brush my hair so that it doesn’t break or fall out, but it’s hard to do. I bought a boar brush and that seems to help, but the Wet Brush Pro works better than I could have ever imagined!

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I was getting my hair done last week and my stylist still can’t get over how tangled my hair gets after she washes and conditions it. She told me about the Wet Brush Pro and used it on my hair like a charm to get my wet tangles out. The salon only had one left to buy so I jumped on it!

When I got home, I used it on my daughter who has long, tangled, thicker hair and it worked really well, too. I have even tried it on dry hair and it works really nicely! They are only $10 on amazon and come in all different colors.

Check it out!


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