I don’t even own an iron or an ironing board. Don’t judge..especially after my Sheryl Sandberg post earlier this week.

All of that aside, I am constantly finding clothes that wash and dry well that do not need to be ironed in order to look professional at work. Yes, I do use dry cleaning services, but I prefer to just wash and dry things myself when possible.

Express has a lot of really stylish, cute work clothes for such affordable prices. Especially when you are on their coupon mailing list or sign up for NEXT REWARDS to get perks when you shop. I love their Editor pants, and recently I discovered the CONVERTIBLE SLEEVE PORTOFINO SHIRT. I bought it in black, light pink, mint green and white. I ended up buying a size smaller than I normally wear because I don’t like baggy blouses and this runs a little big in the tummy area. That could be a good thing though if you had a few too many slices of pizza like I did the other night.

Regardless, it fits nice and washes well. You can dress it for work or pair it with skinny jeans for a fashionable causal look. It’s easy to wear and I am sold.