One word…ANNOYING!!!!!!!!!!

So, I was at lunch and my phone started blowing up. Text, email, ringing, and I started responding. Almost everyone I know was reaching out to me to let me know that my email account had been hacked. The email blast went out to everyone in my address book saying that I was stranded in the Phillippines or some random country and I needed upwards of $3k. Luckily no one wired the money to these random hackers, but it definitely threw a wrench in my already busy work day.

Not only was my email hacked, but my account was messed up as well. My email signature was changed and all of my previous emails that I had saved were gone. It was more of an inconvenience and annoyance than anything else.

My husband told me he had heard that if your email address has been hacked to be sure to go in and change your password, but MORE IMPORTANTLY, change your security questions. I wasn’t aware, but most time hackers try to guess your security questions about your high school or best friend’s name, which can often be found on the internet or social media sites. Make the answers to the questions something no one would ever guess.

We will never put a stop to hackers, but hopefully this tip can prevent this from happening to at least one person.