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I love Halloween! I also love all the cute and creative Halloween treats people create around this holiday. I love experimenting with new ideas and here is one I created this week as my test trial. I plan on making a bunch of these for a kids Halloween party we are attending this Saturday. Of course all my recipes have to be super simple because I don’t have a lot of free time to be messing around in the kitchen.

Vanilla instant pudding
Oreos with peanut butter center
Hersey’s Chocolate Kisses
Plastic cups
Black permanent marker

Make the pudding according to the instructions. Make it instant so it’s super quick. I opted not to use food coloring but you could make purple witches which would be really cute.

While your pudding is setting. Get out your plastic cups and get creative with the black marker. Draw some witch faces. This would be a fun project to include the kids too.

Place Oreos in a plastic bag and smash them up. You need these to drizzle on the top of the pudding cups.

Ok now we are ready.

Take your plastic cup with the witch face and scoop in your pudding. Drizzle the smashed up Oreos on top. Take half of an Oreo place on top (with the cream facing up) and place your Hersey Kiss on top. That’s it. Easy and delicious!

Hersey Kiss Witch Pudding Cups

Hersey Kiss Witch Pudding Cups

Sean and Ryan enjoying the Hersey Kiss Witch Pudding Cup

Sean and Ryan enjoying the Hersey Kiss Witch Pudding Cup

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