Moosh-Moosh Adorable December Present for Stocking Stuffers

These little guys are so soft and sweet! My kids loved reading with them, falling asleep with them, and just loving them!
The ones that have clips were so cute to add to backpacks or diaper bags. It was nice to be able to tell my bag apart from all the others at daycare when I picked her up.
Plus, she was so proud to carry her bag out because it looked so cute! These would make the perfect stocking stuffers, for sure!
We have been to hundreds of birthday parties and I usually go for the ever-popular gift card because a working mom just doesn’t have time to shop around for the perfect gift so-and-so who sits across the room from my little darling in homeroom. Moosh-Moosh‘s are great for kids of all ages and a great holiday gift idea!
They are great for both girls and boys!  My daughter just got her ears pierced and now sleeps on hers because it’s softer than any pillow she has ever owned.  She needs it every single night.  Her new pillow has been nicknamed “Sparkle.”
She instantly found a spot on her bed and made herself comfy!
Everyone loves to snuggle with them, especially now that the weather is getting cold.
What do you call a marshmallow-soft, squishy animal pillow? Any consumer that has walked down the aisles of Michaels Stores or CVS can tell you it’s Moosh-Moosh.
Since launching this year, more than three million cuddly characters have been sold! Snuggle, squish or stack ‘em, they are addictive in a happy childhood kind of way!
Moosh-Moosh makes the perfect December present for stocking stuffers, dreidel game prizes or an under-the-tree surprise.
Moosh-Moosh Different Sizes _LR.jpg
Since launching in February 2018, these soft plushies have expanded from a palm-size 4” Clip-on($5.99) to a huggable 7” Regular ($9.99) to the ultimate 10” Large ($14.99). Unlike your bed pillow, these oh-so-soft friends have adoring eyes and ears to comfort or accompany kids throughout their day.
Shop for over 72 styles online at and good luck picking just one! These addictive cuties are a hot seller at neighborhood Staples, JOANN Stores, AC Moore, and Party City. Traveling by plane this season? Stop into select Hudson News airport stores and discover an array of Moosh-Moosh characters.
Moosh-Moosh is already a hit in Canada, Great Britain and Europe. The 100% polyester bedtime buddies are popular on social media channels Facebook and Instagram. Facebook fans have written in, “Love them! They’re so soft and squishy! Trying to collect as many clip on ones as I can!” and “They are super cute and soft plushes. I received the corgi one as a gift and it’s amazing!” Sometimes one word says it all as in, “I just love them, I think they are sooooo cute.”
Behind the Moosh-Moosh logo is a caring company that donates plush buddies as need arises. A Kindergarten teacher in the Washington, DC area was looking for an educator discount to buy her 28 students plushies for reading circle. Imagine her surprise when Sean Price, VP of Business Development and Marketing for parent company MMG Brands, shipped her two dozen soft friends!
A bigger shout out came from Omaha, Nebraska, home of Elliott’s Hoedown for ATCP. After learning about the A-T Children’s Project, MMG Brands donated $11,000 worth of toys! The Midwest charity creates awareness for A-T (a rare, inherited disease that affects several organs and systems, including the nervous and the immune systems) and funnels donations to Johns Hopkins’ A-T clinic in Baltimore, Maryland.

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