MiO Playing+Eating+Sleeping+Working+2 People is the “it” toy!

It’s a playhouse…..it’s a Ninja obstacle course…..it’s a campground! The MiO Playing+Eating+Sleeping+Working+2 People from The Manhattan Toy Company can be all of that to your little make-believer and much more! What I really liked about this product was that the construction, colors, and design easily make each piece adaptable to any circumstance and for every boy AND girl. At first, I was going to gift this to my niece for Christmas. After all, I saw it as a doll house. No, No, No, I was told by my 5-year-old son who opened up the box and said, “This thing is sweet!” He immediately unwrapped each piece with excitement and wide eyes just waiting to start building.
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He quickly built the coolest ninja obstacle course (ever!) and the two included people (now ninjas)were on their way to jumping and flipping from rooftop to rooftop! My older son came bounding through the room fresh of the school bus and said, “Wow, that would be a cool fort for my Lego guys!” Whatever your little ones can dream up, this fun toy from MiO can be! And yes, that does include a doll house. Put the MiO Playing+Eating+Sleeping+Working+2 People on your Holiday List this year and there will be smiles on everyone’s faces, no matter age or gender!
Manhattan Toy (www.manhattantoy.com) is the perfect destination for all the good little boys and girls on your
list, especially babies. Their collections of Groovy Girls, Winkel, Whoozit and Skwish have been delighting
tots for years. They’ve added a new collection called MiO in 2016. Industry experts have been gushing that
MiO is the “it” toy for holiday giving.
That’s not Manhattan Toy talking, it’s Parents’ Choice, the gold standard in toy critics. They just awarded MiO
Playing Eating Sleeping Working + 2 PeopleTM ($100) a rare Gold Award. That’s after MiO received
accolades from three other prestigious reviewers. As Claire
Green of Parents’ Choice boasted, “the MiO
deluxe playset has all the hallmarks of an
heirloom toy: timeless design, appeal
and play value.”
The Parents’ Choice Awards
evaluation process is a lengthy and
confidential one. They don’t offer
“feedback” to producers or manufacturers
because, as they say, they don’t work for them. Their reviews
are meant for parents, caregivers, librarians and educators.
The full text of the Parents’ Choice Gold Award for MiO can
be found on their website, (www.parents-choice.org) and below:
“The deluxe Mio playset is dazzling – in design and in function. Each play test session was
different. Mio was a house, school, an apartment building and a flower shop. It was a loft for
a startup, a furniture store and a restaurant. The wooden pieces, from plain to brightly colored,
don’t dictate a purpose. Is it a table or a tv? Is it a bench or a bed or a bookshelf? Are we
outside or inside? In the woods or in the city? The language and motor skills, creativity and
imagination, individual as well as group play, are all inside, just waiting to be unpacked.”


For more than 30 years Manhattan Toy has provided high quality, imagination inspiring, safety conscious toys.
The spirit of Manhattan Toy is captured in the simple statement –We remember that the most powerful thing
any of us play with in this life is our imagination! All Manhattan Toy products comply with U.S. and European
safety standards. For more information about the many award-winning toy collections, visit their website at

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