Marvelous Mom of the Month – Elizabeth Cameratta – November, 2016


Each month we select a mom that we think is MARVELOUS to be featured on our site. This month, our featured mom is Elizabeth Cameratta. She is the mom of two MARVELOUS kids and that has a lot to do with her and her husband’s amazing parenting skills. Elizabeth is always involved in her kids activities and still makes time to be active, fit, and up to snuff on the style front. She’s is beautiful on both the outside and inside, which makes her not only a marvelous mom, but an incredible sister-in-law and friend.


Enough from me… let’s check out some candid responses to our interview questions directly from Elizabeth:

1. What quality (trait) does your child(ren) posses that are you most proud of?
I am most proud of their relationship with God and each other.

2. What is your favorite thing to do with your kids?
Family dinners and we all say the best and worst part of our days.. I learn a lot from the worst, and often leads to great conversations. I love talking to my kids.

3. What is one unexpected surprise that you learned about yourself since you became a mom.
I learned how much my mom loved me, like I was instantly part of the secret club, where I fully understood this crazy I would die for you love.

4. What is your favorite hobby or what do like to do during your “me time?”
I never ever ever thought I would say this but …. Exercising!!!

5. What is the best advice you were given or would like to give all of the moms out there?
Get an epidural, find a pediatrician you adore, get to know your kids friends and families, help with homework, give them deodorant before they need it and love and squeeze and smell and squish them as much as you can always.



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