Marvelous Mom of the Month – Danielle Raybuck – December, 2016


Each month we select a mom that we think is MARVELOUS to be featured on our site. This month, our featured mom is Danielle Raybuck. She is the mom of three MARVELOUS kids and she makes managing all of the activities for her brood look so easy! Danielle is always on the go taking fun trips with her kids and planning the best kid adventures. She still makes time to teach fitness classes, get together with family and friends, and go on fun date nights with her marvelous hubby, who just happens to be my brother. She’s is fun, vivacious, and always has a contagious positive attitude, which makes her not only a marvelous mom, but an amazing sister-in-law and friend.


Enough from me… let’s check out some candid responses to our interview questions directly from Danielle:

1. What quality (trait) does your child(ren) posses that are you most proud of?
Compassion. I feel like all 3 of my children are able to be in tune to someone when something is wrong. They are all very good listeners when they have a friend who is upset and they want to try to help them.

2. What is your favorite thing to do with your kids?
Since I have a such a gap between my two boys and daughter finding something we can all do together and enjoy can be a struggle! But, I have to say my favorite thing to do is gather them all up (and our puppy) snow or sunshine and take a hike in the park behind our house. They all love to look for animal tracks, or gather sticks.

3. What is one unexpected surprise that you learned about yourself since you became a mom?
I realized I have patience! I am (as many of us were before motherhood) on my own schedule. I like my things left were they belong and I was ready to leave the house when I was ready. I was not so sure I would be able to wait while my child tried for the third time to zip his jacket or try to put her own shoes on (the wrong feet). Those tasks have now morphed into spelling and math facts which requires a new realm of patience!

4. What is your favorite hobby or what do like to do during your “me time?”
I love to a good workout! I enjoy taking classes as well as teaching my Jazzercise classes! It’s that small part of my day that I get to focus on myself, my health, and I always leave in a great mood!

5. What is the best advice you were given or would like to like to give all of the moms out there?
For the lack of sounding cliché, I would say “Enjoy every moment because it flies by”. My grandmothers, mother and mother-in-law have always said this to me at different points of my children’s lives and it could not be more true! The older they become the faster the months and years fly by! Some things can be a challenge, but it is so important to grab on to all of the happiness that your children bring to you and vice versa.



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