Marvelous Mom of the Month – March, 2016 – Betsie Frohwerk

We are excited to launch our new monthly contest, Marvelous Mom of the Month! Each month, a marvelous mom will be selected and featured on If you have a Marvelous Mom you would like to nominate please email us a photo and a brief story about why this mom is Marvelous! We would love to hear from you!!!

This prestigious honor will go to moms that exhibit one or more of the following characteristics listed below that include but are not limited to:
– Selflessness
– Creativity
– Endurance
– Heart of Compassion
– Unconditional Love
– Good Sense of Humor
– Fun
– Accepting
– Empathetic

We are looking for those moms that make the sacrifices necessary to be a great mother. Or someone who doesn’t take herself too seriously and is willing to admits when she screws up and says, “I’m sorry.” It could be the mom that keeps it all together somehow when she has so much on her plate. Or the mom that doesn’t judge other moms for parenting differently or keeping an open mind about how other moms live their lives. It could be a mom that helps other moms that are struggling to keep it together. Or just someone that is admirable for whatever reason outside of just what is listed above.

Whatever it may be, our goal is to recognize the incredibly powerful women out there who make such a difference in our children, families, and the world we live in.

Our first Marvelous Mom of the Month winner goes to Betsie Frohwerk. Betsie is a great friend of mine and Courtney’s and she’s actually the creative young woman who thought of this awesome idea and shared it with us. She is a mom of two adorable boys and also watches another little baby during the week. She was born to be a mom and takes such pride in her boys. Her face lights up when she talks about her little guys.


Betsie also happens to be a famous actress! She just recently starred in a the movie Jenny’s Wedding with Katherine Heigl.

Check out Jenny’s Wedding

We had a “red carpet event” at my house with some of our friends to watch Betsie on the big screen where she actually has a scene with just her and Katherin Heigl! She is in other movies and commercials as well.


Betsie is the life of the party! It’s hard not to have fun when she’s around. She always has a smile on her face and is such a lively and passionate person. If you need something, Betsie is always willing to help. She’s honest and is the type of friend that will tell you not to wear a dress if it looks too tight or out of style. She’s strong, smart, creative, and fun, and is well deserving to win the first Marvelous Mom of the Month contest!

Betsie is also very creative! Check out this unique gift that she gave Courtney as a hostess gift on New Year’s Eve!

Congratulations Betsie!!!


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