Marbleocity Mini Coaster Maker Kit ~ Makes Great Holiday Gift

The weather has started to change and it’s drawing my children into the house more often than not.  It won’t be long before they become stir crazy, in need of an acitivity to keep their little minds working while they have fun!

Two of my favorite places to visit to stock up on crafts, games and expeirments is Michaels and Barnes & Noble.  Today, Barnes & Noble wins best prize (in the eyes of my 8 year old)!  He was so pumped when he came across Marbleocity’s Mini Coaster Maker Kit.  TWO of his MOST favorite things in one box!  A challenge of builing something AND it’s a Roller Coaster…SCORE!

Althought the holiday’s are around the corner I agreed that in exchange for a few extra chores, I would treat him to his Mini Coaster Kit. DONE DEAL!  No sooner did we walk into the house, he was clearing off space, dumping out directions and flipping throught the assembly instructions.

I will admit, often some of these items can be much more difficult than they seem, which causes stress for all in the same room!  However, this project seemed to be geared perfectly to his age group.  The instructions were well written, the parts were sturdy, it was an all around great purchase!  Only a few questions were directed my way, but he just rolled right on through with confiendence and excitiment until his coaster was complete.

I was so excited to see that the Marble Coaste not only looked like the picture on the box, but it worked!  Like anything that requires assembly, it will require some patience, for your child, perhaps even you!  But with the holiday around the corner I would recommend this as a great gift!

Both the Marbleocity Skate Park & Roller Coaster Maker Kits are $29.95 @ Barnes & Noble (in sores & online)

Both links are pasted below!

Enjoy kicking off the holiday shopping!




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