With the holidays coming up who doesn’t love candles. Since having kids I am a little more careful about where I put candles, there is always that fear of you know… a house fire. I keep my pretty glowing candles up high so no one can knock them down but lately I want to put them in normal places, like an end table.

I have some ordinary flameless candles but sorry to say, they Suck! They barely light up and there is definitely no real looking flame. Well if you are like me and have a fairly kid proofed home have you ever heard of Luminara Candles? These are beautiful!!

Luminara Candles look like real candles. They even have a flame that glows! They are made of wax and some are even scented. I love these candles and have to get some for the holidays! They retail for around $35.00 a candle.

I think these would add such a nice holiday glow around the house and the fact that they are safe and realistic looking is what I love about them. So pretty! Check out the video.

You can purchase them Here.