Look Your Best for Bikini Season with Solia Sculpt

I have always loved going to Solia for spa relaxing spa services like facials, massages, and body wraps, and was so excited to learn about their newest service, Solia Sculpt that is offered at the spa! The results were impressive and they were able to target the problem area on my legs. It was such a relaxing treatment and I could feel it working! My skin was so smooth after the treatment, too.

Solia Sculpt – Solia’s unique protocol provides a powerful treatment for those suffering from stubborn fat pockets and the “orange-peel” effect of cellulite. With multiple technologies at your fingertips, impressive results are now possible via this three tier system:

-Circulation/Drainage program (epidermal/dermal level). Releases lymphatic blockage, reduces edema, increases circulation, and promotes oxygenation and cell nutrition.

-Connective tissue skin fold program (dermal/hypodermal level). Softens the fibrous connective tissue, breaks down water pockets, tones, and energizes.

-Deep sub dermal program (subcutaneous tissue and fatty layers). Treatment mobilizes deep tissue and localized fat deposits, releases fibrous and myofascial adhesions.

Effective treatment for the following conditions:
-Stubborn fat deposits
-Heavy legs
-Muscle tension
-Poor circulation
-Post-liposuction edema

Results will occur gradually during the treatment series. An average of 10 treatments are needed. This number may vary depending on the severity of the problem.

For more information, visit http://soliaspa.com/

Solia Spa
8903 Brecksville Rd,
Brecksville, Ohio 44141


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  • I actually achieved awesome results in just 5 sessions! Got that cellulite pockets on the side of my legs that no amount of exercise could get rid of.



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