Little Medical School Kits – The Best Way to Play Doctor

I love the idea of my daughter experimenting with STEM toys and learning about medical science. I was so impressed with everything that was included in the Little Medical School Kits! How did we play doctor when we were young without them!

My daughter and her friend played with these medical kits for hours! My daughter loved the Pediatrician Kit complete with a baby.

Her friend loved the Veterinarian Kit that that came with a little puppy.

These girls had their white coats and blue gloves on for hours!

They removed ticks (stickers) with the tweezers included with the kit.

They also enjoyed wrapping each other’s pretend broken legs and arms with the Ace Bandage in the Sports Medicine Kit.

They learned about broken bones and anatomy with the skeleton magnetic hand. It’s now hanging on our refrigerator!

This ‘mini-veterinarian school journey’ for kids offers a wondrous array of fun and exciting activities through which children explore the world of medicine, science, health and pet care taking.

Kit Includes: Little Medical School White Coat, Student Doctor ID Badge, Adoption Certificate, Plush Dog with Bandana, Markers, Tape Measure, Pet Assessment Form, Modeling Dough, Dog Bone Cookie Cutter, Recipe Card, Tweezers, Tick Removal Stickers, Plastic Bag, Gloves, Diploma, Workbook

They ended up using the tape measure to measure the baby’s head. They loved wearing the surgical masks, too!

I wasn’t sure how many times my daughter would play with these kits, but she has brought them out every day during her play dates. This is perfect timing with school starting and wanting to focus more on education fun. These would be great gifts for any kid or a great way to reward them for a good job at school over the upcoming weeks!

Learn how to treat an ankle sprain, learn the bones of hand, make models of different joints and perform a simulated Tommy John surgery. The kit promotes social development, corporation, teamwork, creativity and problem-solving.

Kit Includes: White Doctor Coat, Student Doctor ID Badge, Ace Bandage, Ice Pack, Skeleton Poster, Skeleton Stickers, Hand Magnet, Hand Poster, Cup, Clay, Craft Sticks, Sutures, Rubber Bands, Face Mask, Gloves, Surgical Driver, Tommy John surgical sheet, Diploma, Workbook

I could only hope that these kits inspire my daughter to want to be a doctor or veterinarian when she grows up!

My Little Pediatrician Kit is a role playing, interactive toy that allows children to explore the world of healthcare through they eyes of a physician. Kit includes a real white coat, luxury plush doll, pediatric assessment form, tape measure, markers, mini-Finnish Baby Box for safe sleeping, birth certificate and diploma along with self-guided workbook.

The mission of Little Medical School is inspire children to aspire for careers in health care such as medicine, nursing, pharmacy, dental and veterinarian medicine. You child can choose from Mini Medical Kits including My Little Pediatrician (with either a light or dark skinned baby), My Little Veterinarian or My Little Sports Medicine Kit.


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