I am sure most of you have a lighted magnifying mirror, but how often do you use it? Any less than once a week is just NOT OK! We have all seen a bearded woman before, and although most of us are not dealing with that issue, it is still important to take a look into a lighted magnifying mirror once a week at a bare minimum. I had a converstation with a woman at a store last week and I thought her nose hairs were about to reach out a grab me!

It is not the same without the manification (not sure if that is a real word but it sounded good). I go to town on my eye brows and nothing compares to the lighted manifying mirror. If you are already sitting down with your tweezers to use one religiously, good for you! If you are not, woman to woman, I suggest you invest in one and just take a peak to see what you find. As moms, we sometimes let certain things fall to the wayside…I don’t get my nails done as often as I used to, my hair goes 8 weeks between highlights instead of six, etc. etc. But don’t let this one slide through the cracks.