Every year I read in fitness articles that people gain approximately five pounds over the Holidays. Then I saw this article in Fitness Magazine and it got me thinking. Some lose it after the Holidays are over and others don’t. So I came up with an idea to set a goal for myself to lose five pounds before the holidays hit. My deadline is December 1. That way my clothes will fit in January well after Santa goes back to the North Pole. Just think of those people you know that get bigger and bigger every year…it could be a result of the five pound Holiday weight gain that was never lost. Our metabolisms are not getting any faster!

Thanksgiving doesn’t scare me. It is only one day where I totally gorge, and I usually do that on the weekend anyway. It’s the month of December does me in where you have three or four parties a week that revolve around eating, drinking and being merry. And maybe a few white elephant or ornament exchanges. I don’t want to miss out in partaking in any of these events!

I know it seems premature to talk about the Holidays, but it is NOVEMBER already! The clocks have been turned back and it gets dark at 5:00 EST now. FALL is well under way and winter is on its way. Let’s embrace this time and enjoy….but not until we lose five pounds first. Let’s add a workout and a couple of salads each week for the next few weeks. It’s an attainable goal that’s not too far out of reach for any of us. Are you with me?