Laundry Done Right!

There are several things I hate about doing laundry. Especially laundry for the whole family. In my opinion the worst part is putting it away. Sometimes, it sits in the basket for days and we all just root through it. I have a helpful tip that may save you time….which we all could use a little more of!


Organize and categorize as you fold. Put all the clothes in piles by person and by drawer that they will be ending up in. For example, I will fold all my oldest son’s comfy pants into a pile, then short sleeve shirts onto their pile, and so on. When you’re done folding, gather up each member’s sections into their own big pile and place in the basket. Travel down the hall and into one room at a time, placing the pre-made stack into each drawer per room. You will save time by staying in one room until finished instead of jumping back and forth across the hallway and room to room. Remember: Efficiency = Saving Time!!! Happy Folding!


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