Kinivo Speaker – An Excellent Mother’s/Father’s Day and Graduation Gift


We love listening to music around our house! There is almost always some sort of music on at all times and most of the time my daughter is dancing to the music.


We decided to try out the Kinivo ZX100 portable speaker to use in the house and outdoors during cookouts and other outdoor festivities now that the weather is finally warming up. We like it so much that we have decided to order them for Mothers and Father’s Day gifts. It would also make a great, affordable graduation gift! Anyone can put this portable speaker to use and it is very easy to set up. It comes with a nice carrying bag so you can take it with you anywhere you want to play your music.


I have actually been using this for my workouts as well. Whenever I lift weights, I need some music to get my pumped up. My iPhone alone doesn’t sound loud enough, so the Kinivo speaker helps me to get more sound to keep me motivated during my workouts. And my Kinivo is my favorite color – PINK!

You can order the Kinvo on”>Amazon.

The Kinivo offers some break time for mom to listen to music wherever she would like and relax a bit. We all know Mothers work so hard all year long to keep the kids healthy, the husband from breaking things, etc.
This year Kinivo wants to #GiveMomABreak and sponsor one of the Kinivo ZX100 speakers (will also be on sale for $14.99) and Headphones that come in many wonderful colors.

For Father’s Day, Kinivo will offer several deals under $20 on Kinivo products for Father’s Day Gift Ideas.

These products include the ZX120 for under $20, $36 on the BTX270 (Normally $60), $40 for the BTH410 Headphones (Normally $55) and a BTR200 Bluetooth Receiver (It enables Bluetooth for any 3.5mm compatible device in his Man Cave’s home

For Graduation, this makes for a fun gift for going off to college.

The M2 will continue to be on sale for $60 until the end of May and there is also a deal on the BTE40 (Sale at $30) and BTX270 (Sale at $36).


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